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Fun With Languages

For almost everyone, learning a foreign language is a difficult undertaking. Learning a VERY foreign language, such as Thai (for a Westerner) or English (for an Easterner) opens up a whole new set of challenges. I have strategically omitted any references to my language mistakes, and laugh at the mistakes of others. Heh heh heh.

Eddie was a very friendly Canadian man in his mid 50s. He really tried in class, and sometimes even did his homework. Unfortunately for Eddie, his brain would not cooperate. Eddie did not complete the course, and I would venture to say he is still struggling with Thai Language.

Mr. John eats fried rice or restaurants? The question word? Ummm. The question word is “cow”. James house have telephone who? Every morning I walk two cups of coffee.

Teacher: When do you go to the market?
Eddie: I go to the market when.

Teacher: What will you do this weekend?
Eddie: I will come Friday.

Teacher: Is your friend tall?
Eddie: Chicken fried rice.

Teacher: What Thai food do you like?
Eddie: I study Thai language.

Teacher: What do you like to drink?
Eddie: Fruit.

Teacher: Who is the son of Mr. Sawat?
Eddie: The son of Thai language.

Mae and Surin are two Mon teenagers who study English at our house everyday.

Me: What do you want to eat?
Mae: I want to eat the kitchen.

Me: What is the chair made of?
Surin: The chair is made of people.

Ok, I’ll share ONE of my comical moments with Thai language just to be fair. In Chiang Mai I wanted a ride back home in a Tuk-Tuk taxi, and was preparing my brain for the inevitable bargaining process. The most I was planning on paying was 60 baht. I asked the driver (in Thai) how much for a ride to my street. He said 50 baht…and without thinking I asked him if he would go for 60 baht. He agreed.