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Today... Or a New Toaster

Today I got up at 7am, sat on the back of a motorbike with no front brake and not enough gas to go 6km to the Thai side of town. Then I sat on a bus (with crappy speakers) that was too small for my long legs for 220km (almost 4 hours) and ended up in Kanchanaburi.

A 5km tuk-tuk ride deposited me at Tesco-Lotus supercenter where I ate MK Suki, purchased 30kg of dog food, cheese, a new toaster, breakfast cereal, and pancake mix. Following the purchasing of the afore- mentioned items another 5km ride in a song-thao (converted pick-up truck taxi) returned me to the bus station, where I purchased three seats (one for Anchali, one for me, and one for the dog food) in a van for the return trip to Sangkhlaburi. The van seat offered even less leg room than the bus, but made the return 220km trip in a little over 3 hours. Another 6km ride in another song-thao finally returned me to my house, eleven hours later. That is what I must do if I want things such as dog food, cheese, a new toaster, breakfast cereal, or pancake mix.