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Bumper Girlfriend

Just forget Monopoly - why not play Bumper Girlfriend instead! Bumper Girlfriend = © grrr, ying, kat, & sp tomato, 2002-2003, Chiang Mai, Thailand, All rights (and wrongs) inclusive!

This game was originally developed in a swimming pool between two heterosexual couples, but soon came to encompass more dangerous territories and male/male and female/female teams.

Definition: One couple equals one team. A member of the couple must hold the other member in the going into the honeymoon suite style otherwise known as arms out with the other person lying across them. Two teams (minimum) are needed to play the game. The more teams the merrier!

Object: to smash into each other and knock the person being held in the opposing teams arms onto the ground. Other considerations: look for soft ground (sand, water) to play on. Make sure that there are no sharp objects, cement walls, etc, around. That is, of course, unless you have had too much beer and don’t care anymore.

Rules of the game: none other than total lack of common sense. (no mercy)

Side note: If you sense a reluctance of other people to play, declare that it is an ancient family/state/country etc. great tradition. Buy more drinks. Restate the honor and importance of the game. Repeat until game is underway.