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Unofficial Ubuntu Nginx Packages


I am no longer going to be making or updating these packages. Compiling nginx from source is very easy, and is still the recommened way to run the current version. Clear and simple instructions are available for many Linux distributions.

Why Did I Make These?

I want to use newer versions than what the Ubuntu universe repository offers. The feisty package is 0.4.13 (and gutsy will be 0.5.26). Simply compiling these from source works OK, but involves finding an init script, setting paths in the configure line, etc. I like the “debianized” features the official packages offer, so I used the latest debian unstable package (0.5.30) as a base and made updated packages.

Debian Note:

I’ve had a report (thanks Cliff) that my package does not work on Debian/stable due to a dependency on a later libc6. An option is to use the Debian source packages backported to Debian/stable instead. Details on how to do this are available…

Changes from the official package:

  • commented out the first section of the prerm script because it messed things up when removing or upgrading.
  • changed default port from 80 to 8000 because I use nginx with apache.

Of course use at your own risk. I’ve done a fair amount of testing and things work fine for me. I use the amd64.debs on my slice at Slicehost, and the i386.debs at home for testing.


INSTALL: sudo dpkg -i nginx_xxxxxx.deb
REMOVE: sudo aptitude remove nginx