retro spiller


Technokracy (Retro Spiller)

This is a website consisting of various applications in turning, spurning, drilling milling and thread cutting, cranial realignment, binary restitution, and aural/visual recalibration.

Presently suitable for processing metal, wood, flesh, bone and other materials, it is extensively implemented by IN/OUTflux labs, PVRp-shops, technical facilities (class A3-4.4), ISOx certified factories and family workshops. Additional implicational/applicational criteria are being actively investigated.

This website is designed according to CE/SE and LO(1.3) standard. Working dimensional interface can be automatically or handedly fed in the longitudinal or cross direction. Binary output form factor can be cognizant or oblongated dynamically. Drilling and milling unit can turn up to 180 centigrade, and can work separately with the function of drilling and milling micro feeding. A/V recal functions are independent of conscious functioning. Furthermore, all subunits can be maintained and controlled by external influence.

Upon completion of extensive internal and external testing the RZ60a-07 design team no longer exists. Please contact yourself for further information.

Technokracy Through the Ages

Providing boiling caffeine solution, hot contraceptives since 2000.

V1.0 - Year 2000

“ runs on a Pentium 200 with 128MB RAM and a 1.6GB hard drive. Now if it was running Windows NT these specs would be pretty crappy. Luckily for us, it’s running Red Hat Linux 6.1 which makes MUCH better use of the machines resources. In fact, the machine is proudly 100% Microsoft free and uses only free, open source software. The webserver is Apache 1.3.9 and runs PHP3 for dynamic, database driven web sites using the MySQL database. The server is on a 100Mbs LAN connected to a Cisco router connected to a T1 line. Currently the server is functioning as a DNS server, web server, POP and VPOP email server and a quake2 server among many other Unix-y things.”

V2.0 2003-2004

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V3.0 2004-2006

homegrown experimentation “:: valid XHTML :: valid CSS :: invalid content :: powered by vegetables”

V4.0 2006-2007

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V5.0 2007-2008

Groggily surreal lake. flickrTwit mashup.

V6.0 2008-2010

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V7.0 2010-2011

Concord Unrest Unit Necrotic Sound Turn, Introduce Corn Stun Reduction Scorn Nut.

V8.0 2011-2012

“transform your text into a monster”

V9.0 2012-?

“a blogging framework for hackers.” the source of this, here, is here.